How We Accelerate Your Business

We offer our clients a wealth of technology expertise, infrastructure advisory skills, and enterprise-grade guidance cultivated and battle-tested through extensive exposure across companies to the many challenges of modern business.

Our services are available under renewable service-level agreements with blended hourly rates to flexibly serve any software and technical advisory need.

Within enterprise business we operate best as an independent "skunkworks" technology division to accent and accelerate R&D while encouraging rapid innovation within internal software teams. Over the last decade, Snaptech has regularly been given primary responsibility for architectural design and R&D on the most critically sensitive core business software components of companies with market caps from 100 million to those exceeding 2 billion, including transitions across multiple mergers and acquisitions.

For SMB’s, particularly those whose core-competency lies in areas outside of software R&D, we primarily operate as a reliable long-term partner taking over all software development necessary for the business and any 3rd party integrations so that they can focus on growth.

Strategic Advisement

Fresh perspective is a critical component to continuing to grow any business. This comes in many forms throughout the life of a company. One aspect of that, which we serve particularly well, is in the field of contingency planning. Much like legal advisors guard against possible negative contractual outcomes we ensure that your software and the teams assembling it are guarded against obsolescence, renegade developers, theft of IP, dissonance in vision, under-performers and software architectural flaws that kill growth, etc.

Running Start

Over the years we have learned that many companies spend the majority of R&D dollars building 90% of the exact same software scaffolding while risking their fleeting marketing window by delaying actual business innovation. Moreover, for SMB's this is often done with borrowed capital and large one-time expenditures that compromise the success of the business itself.

Innovations in infrastructure (IaaS) and licensed applications (AaaS) have substantially reduced the impact of this on the IT front, while in SaaS inefficiencies largely remain.

Here at Snaptech, we have addressed this by constructing platforms that architecturally provide a majority of the necessary functionality to run any SaaS product while retaining full customizability. This includes workflow, user management, client branding, multi-homing, modular app-store style extensibility, API versioning/sunsetting, back office onboarding, ticketing, payment/subscription/invoice management, etc.

Beyond the savings in time and the benefit of licensing SaaS technology versus always rolling your own there is a direct benefit in subscription-based budgeting rather than massive R&D outlays whenever technical staff suddenly decides to make a switch to the latest hottest browser framework (e.g. React vs Angular) or API framework (e.g. REST vs GraphQL).

This shared approach spreads out the cost of staying current while freeing your business to focus on innovation that matters -- not servicing technical debt that inevitably piles up when maintaining a redundant individual implementation where a community-based platform is superior.

Read more about these innovations here.

Staff Augmentation

Tackle immediate staffing demands with tried and tested 3-5 person teams. Provide supportive side-by-side coaching and advisement to your tech leadership to reduce stress as they grow into new roles.

While we often take sole ownership of complex projects we also offer on-site and remote staff augmentation for software development to bridge the inevitable disruptions caused by rapid internal hiring. We offer this service at fixed hourly rates rather than billing on a project-basis. This provides maximum transparency, trackability within customer Agile platforms, and ensures fairness where project complexity cannot be determined in advance.

Rapidly scaling staff through individual hires during significant growth results in the same basic personnel challenges including:

Delivery Delays

Reduction in throughput as senior staff shifts focus to sourcing and training fresh talent.


Increased pressure to meet expanding delivery demands from new business combined with the burden of sourcing & training new personnel significantly heightens a company's vulnerability to a loss of key people. Turnover creates uncertainity. Growth involves the introduction of more process and corporate infrastructure that requires psychological adjustment as inefficiencies are addressed, quality controls are expanded, and people settle into a new normal.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our preference is to cultivate an environment of cooperation and collaboration while maintaining the discipline to capably navigate any scenario.

Our talent in facilitating M&A has surprisingly little to do with software internals. For us the determination of whether code performs in the manner that an individual or company claims it does is a fairly rudimentary first step. Our focus quickly turns to the people involved in creating that software. Evaluating the alignment between tech and business vision, scrutinizing the accuracy and efficiency of the translation between business needs and technical delivery, measuring affinity/stickiness of the team to the idea versus loyalty to a manager or executive, and identifying the people who provide maximum value and those that represent maximum liability.

Perhaps more importantly our technical expertise across many companies, products, and team styles provides a framework for stress-testing people well beyond their day-to-day roles and normal level of personal and professional scrutiny.

Whether you are in the targeting, acquisition, or merging phases we can help circumvent the pitfalls of each and assist both organizations in creating a smooth transition. Our experience includes exposure to both sides of an acquisition and we have also executed hostile takeovers that included total replacement of software teams with no hand-off period.