Our Investment Philosophy

We believe in stewardship. Personal stewardship. Professional stewardship. Community stewardship. The bedrock of that, for us, is empowering the right people and providing them with a legitimate stake in the outcome.

Wisdom in allocation revolves around mastering the flow between when to risk and when to hunker down. We adhere to the principle that wisely deployed capital outperforms hoarded capital. In practice, that means that who we invest in matters as much as what we invest in. Time and again we have observed that community collaboration among these key people provides significant benefits beyond the successes of the individual's themselves even though both are inseparably intertwined.

Significant resources gravitate to wherever, and whomever, people believe best serve their community and its purpose; substantially influenced by having more than a brief history in doing so. Unsurprisingly, as easily witnessed with crowd-funding, non-profits, and grass-roots political efforts, people are often willing to “give” with little to no monetary return to those endeavors they believe will improve things generally. Wealth is not merely monetary; rather it encompasses well-being, influence, security, efficiency, relationships, and many, many, other things.

Who we invest in
matters as much as
what we invest in.

Money alone can easily become the most expensive manner of achieving anything and many people that are the very best at what they do aren’t performing their best work for the money.

At Snaptech, we believe in tuning the mixture to maximize the value, a process that begins with relationship building. Relationships are the basis of investment for us - a journey in community building, in collaboration, in evangelizing, in sharing and celebrating success. We experience immense satisfaction whenever we identify and facilitate an alignment of energy that benefits all parties involved; directly or indirectly.

Strategic Partnerships

Achieving even the loftiest goals becomes possible through beneficial alliances when governed by robustly defined legal arrangements; even among competitors.

We seek out sustainable collaboration opportunities as a primary step in addressing new business growth to promote boutique-like quality & individual ownership. We want a culture that promotes efficiency and pride in workmanship and have discovered that rapidly expanding teams purely through individual recruiting often quickly undermines both traits.

Many business opportunities are fertile ground for exploring cultural alignment between well-established smaller businesses that can closely collaborate in a mutually beneficial manner to meet the immediate need while identifying whether a longer-term partnership or merger makes sense. Whether you are looking for talent to tackle your next big opportunity or you believe you can help us tackle ours please get in touch.

Sample Avenues Where We Can Help

  • Introductions
  • Tech recruiting & placement
  • Startup investment & advisement
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Restructuring
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Strategy
    • Diligence
    • Integration
    • Management
    • Tech team replacement
    • Starting a new business idea